StatIM 2000 & 5000 G4 Sterilizers...

Offering You The Fastest, Most Effective Sterilization Available

Key Features

  • Extremely Fast & Effective Sterilization
  • Pre/Vac Cycle Perfect For Steam Penetration
  • Very Gentle On Your Instruments
  • Personalized StatIM G4 Web Portal
  • USB Drive Stores All Cycle Information

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StatIM G4 Cassette Sterilizers... Better Than Traditional Chamber Autoclaves!

No more waiting for your instruments during long sterilization cycles. Now your unwrapped instruments are dry and ready for you in the convenient and portable StatIM cassettes.

You can carry the cassette straight to the operating room, and with extra cassettes you can already have another cycle running, increasing your speed and efficiency even further.

That incredible cycle speed is largely possible due to the way the StatIMs heat up steam. Rather than heating up the whole reservoir like an ordinary chamber sterilizer, the StatIM only heats the steam it needs using a specialized steam generator. Because of this procedure it also only uses fresh steam every cycle.

Fast Cycles and Fresh Steam Help Your Instruments Last 10 Times Longer!

The steam injector system also provides temperature consistency, and expels air that can cause oxidation in traditional autoclaves.

This rapid heating, balanced with specialized, rapid drying using the exclusive StatIM Dri-Tec drying technology, reduces the exposure of heat to the instruments.

Instruments Have Pores or Lumens? StatIM Pre-Vac Cycle Can Handle That!

In addition, the StatIM uses saturated steam and an internal air pump to remove air from the cassette, which eliminates humidity and provides gentle sterilization.

This pre-vac cycle uses PPPD technology (proprietary positive pressure pulse displacement), and is the only way to properly sterilize the most delicate instruments.

StatIM G4 Sterilizers -- The Most Advanced Option Available!

Internet Access to StatIM Web Portal

  • Watch Cycles In Real-Time
  • Check Past Cycles Stored On Data-Logger
  • Email Cycle Data
  • Ethernet & WiFi Capable

Three Printing Options

  • USB Data-Logger To Print From Computer
  • Connect External Printer With RS232 Port
  • Print Remotely Using Web Portal

A New StatIM G4 Sterilizer Could Be Exactly What You Need!

The StatIM G4 sterilizers have a unique and incredible combination of speed, efficiency, and technology, making them very popular for good reason. They're the #1 sterilizer option for Ophthalmologists worldwide, and are used in every educational facility in the United States because no other option can perform nearly as well.

Now you too can have the fastest sterilization and the best technology available, and at a fraction of the cost.

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